9 Top-Notch Marketplaces to Sell Your Themes & Templates (2023)

The top marketplaces to sell your templates and themes have become the need of the hour. For every passionate web designer, it is a must to know a platform where they can sell their creative designs and earn some extra income. Web designers have the opportunity to display their creativity and make some extra dollars using online marketplaces. But choosing the best marketplace for your work can be intimidating for some. Well, to help you with this, I have some hand-picked marketplaces that can help you sell your templates and themes. So, let’s check out the marketplaces!

Creating stunning templates and themes has become a lot easier nowadays all thanks to the various available web design software. But have you ever thought, it will be a complete waste of your talent if you haven’t figured out the best marketplace to sell them yet? Well, there are numerous online marketplaces where you can sell your templates and themes and earn a good profits in return. But if you are still not exposed to the available incredible marketplaces out there then, you are missing the big opportunities for sure.

Users always look for places where they can find really good and impressive themes for their websites. However, some web designers try to sell their templates and themes on their own. A well-established marketplace will help you sell your templates or theme at the 2x speed. So, it’s time to dig a little deeper and learn about some of the top marketplaces to sell your templates and themes.

Top Marketplaces To Sell Your Templates and Themes

1. TemplateMonster

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TemplateMonster is the most popular and one of the top marketplaces to sell your templates and themes online. Unquestionably, TemplateMonster is a huge and growing marketplace. This is one such place where you can find website templates, graphic designs, and plugins to make your project a success. They have a massive collection of website templates for several niche-specific projects, startups, and any other type of website you are planning to create. You can either choose any premium template or you can go for any free website design that can be easily downloaded from here. The assortment also includes various Bootstrap-based website templates, HTML5 and CSS3 ready designs, and many more.

This marketplace allows millions of independent developers to market and sell their products and helps buyers take advantage of this platform to buy and create their unique projects without difficulty. TemplateMonster daily updates its collection of designs for every niche and CMS. They offer products under various categories such as WordPress Themes, Shopify Themes, Landing Pages Templates, Graphics, Elementor Kits, Resume Templates, HTML, Powerpoint, eCommerce Themes, and many more. You are free to pick whatever you find best suitable for your business. You can also go for an MonsterONE which offer unlimited resources for any project.

Top Features of TemplateMonster

  • TemplateMonster offers a wide variety of high-quality graphics to create an appealing website.
  • You will find a broad range of icons, UI elements, logo designs, fonts, after effects, animated banners, etc.
  • eCommerce theme that works perfectly for all famous platforms such as Shopify, VirtueMart, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento, and many more.
  • They have over 60k digital products to offer you.
  • There are several affordable plans that you can choose as per your needs.
  • You can go for a pay once and use unlimited offer as well.
  • The user interface is highly intuitive so there won’t be any problem using it.

2. Themeforest (Envato)

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Themeforest is another strong competition when it comes to selling your templates and themes online. They have a wide variety of superior templates and themes to use. Basically, Themeforest is a hub for WordPress themes and website templates and you can easily sell and purchase templates and themes from here. However, Themeforest is part of Envato Market, a home for millions of creative designers to share their creativity. They have high really high standards for the web designs you submit.

The user interface is amazingly useful and you can quickly get friendly with it. Adding your template and themes is a cakewalk. It is a good place for the users looking for the best options to build a website for their business. It works like: Publish → Purchase → Commission.

Features of Themeforest

  • There are over 50k WordPress themes and website templates.
  • They have themes and templates under various categories such as
    • WordPress Themes
    • eCommerce Templates
    • Website Templates
    • Marketing Templates
    • CMS Templates
    • Blogging and more
  • You will find featured themes every week.
  • They provide excellent theme support.
  • You can easily find some affordable templates for your business.

3. Mojo Marketplace

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Mojo Marketplace is a straightforward solution to share your templates and themes and establish your market. However, Mojo Marketplace is not as big as TemplateMonster and envato but it is making its way in the digital space. It was founded in the year 2009 and to date they have more than 69k digital products to sell. It provides an excellent marketplace for designers to display their best templates and themes. Every template or theme anybody tries to submit will have to first undergo a review process. In this process, each design is thoroughly checked for its quality. It should match the quality standards in order to be a part of Mojo Marketplace. The thought behind a thoughtful web design shapes it well.

Features of Mojo Marketplace

  • Mojo Marketplace is well-organized into different categories.
  • The search is filterable that helps you find the best solution quickly.
  • It also has some free products to offer you.
  • They maintain high-quality code standards.
  • Mojo Marketplace offers you a 50% of commission on every successful sale.
  • You get an easy-to-use user interface that simplifies the process.

4. Creative Market

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Creative Market is a also a good contender here. Over 3 million users have used the Creative Market marketplace to make their business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, web professional, you can use the themes and templates available on CreativeMarket and get started with your website in no time at all. Each and every design they offer is highly clean and responsive in nature.

As a designer should know the culture influences UX, likewise, they should also know the place to put up their work. A designer makes more effort by first learning web design then, searching for responsive web design frameworks to bring their ideas into reality. But knowing these best marketplaces will help you market your digital products quite easily.

Features of Creative Market

  • Creative Market empowers many creators around the globe.
  • They include SEO and marketing tools as well.
  • Managing your customers, monitor statistics, and connecting with them via support tickets is pretty simple with Creative Market Marketplace.
  • You will not have to wait for approval with Creative Market.
  • Once you have uploaded your theme or template, it will straight away go live for your users.
  • Promoting your designs isn’t challenging with this comprehensive platform.

5. Codester

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Codester allows you to sale and purchase templates and themes. Like many other marketplaces, Codester also requires you to first log in to submit your designs. Then their review team will review your submitted designs and if they approve, they will appear on the Codester. Generally, they take one to two days to review your templates, themes, app source code, scripts & codes, and plugins. Whenever any user purchase your theme or template, you will receive your 70% commission without any restrictions. Moreover, they do not have any minimum sales criteria. You can sell freely without any issues.

Features of Codester

  • Codester allows you to sale and purchase templates and themes.
  • It offers you a 70% commission for every purchase.
  • The process is quite simple i.e. login, submit, and sell.
  • They include plugins, themes, scripts and code snippets, graphics, templates, and more.
  • They also offer some free files weekly. So, users can make use of that as well.

Bonus Design Marketplaces To Sell Your Templates and Themes

6. 99designs

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99designs is another impressive place to find beautiful graphic designs. It is best suitable for start-ups and small businesses to make a start. 99designs works on the design contest approach. However, the platform is such that it makes it super easy for all the designers and business owners to work together. However, the by the means of which a marketplace works is almost similar. That is first you have to register yourself, submit your designs, and after approval your designs will be shown on the marketplace. And then, if any user buys your theme or template you will receive some predefined commission on every purchase.

Features of 99designs

  • 99designs offers a community of professional graphic designers to work with.
  • Designers are free to submit their ideas which will be open to everyone to use.
  • 99designs offers you a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Many businesses can work with different designers all at once.
  • It comes with a dedicated manager that will manage everything without a hitch.

7. Designhill

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Designhill offers you amazing services to fulfill all your design needs. This platform is highly useful for professional graphic designers who wish to display their talent and make some benefits along. It is a web-based marketplace to provide website design, graphic designs, and logos to the people who are looking for them. The best thing about this platform is that it is not really expensive which can be actually beneficial for users. Designhill offers a service to fulfill your web design needs. They have different categories under which you can sell your themes, graphic design, logos, and templates.

Features of Designhill

  • Designhill offers you a complete money-back guarantee.
  • There are over 50 categories to explore.
  • It is a huge marketplace for designers to show their talent.
  • You can get connected with other creative designers from over 52 countries.
  • Selling your templates and themes on the Designhill marketplace is a simple task.

8. Freepik

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Freepik allows you to earn money by sharing what you love doing. It is one of the most reliable and well-established marketplaces available online. They have more than 30 million users that make it easier for you to get the required exposure for your designs. You will see a simplified contributor panel where you can upload your designs, you can follow the reviewing process, and also you can quickly track your earning. Everything is done in one place without any difficulty. However, for any web designer who is making so much effort in making the design look and work impressively, finding a place to sell their work would be a great thing. And the user base of millions of people can be useful for any designer for sure. You should try Freepik to display and sell your work as well.

Features of Freepik

  • Freepik comes with three different plans to use.
  • Your submitted designs will be checked for aesthetics and quality standards first.
  • It allows you to upload vectors, photographs, PSD files to your contributor panel.
  • The review process can take up to 20 days to come out with their decision.
  • Freepik is basically a stock image database. So, you need to be careful about the designs you are submitting.

There you have it! Now you know some of the cherry-picked marketplaces to sell your templates and themes. Thus, you can be a part of any of them and you can easily sale or purchase any template you like. However, if you wish to explore more things in the designing realm, using TemplateToaster website builder software can be a great solution for you. It has all the features and options that can give you fully functional professional-looking templates and themes in no time. From beginners to professional web designers can use TemplateToaster for creating magnificent web templates without writing any code or something.

So, Which Marketplaces to Sell Your Templates and Themes You Should Choose?

Undoubtedly, TemplateMonster and Envato are the top-rated marketplaces among all other options discussed above. The best thing is that it can be a full-time job for you rather than a side business. Because the templates and themes you would find over there are highly professional and of top-quality. No matter which template or theme you pick, each design is beautifully crafted, adheres to the latest web standards, and impressively presented. You can easily use them to launch unique web projects.

However, the other marketplaces such as Codester and Creative Market are also good solutions. They also have templates and themes under several categories to choose from. So, in the end, it depends on you what type of templates or themes you want for your website. And which marketplace you find best suitable as well as affordable.

Happy Web Designing!

Marketplaces to Sell Your Templates and Themes – Wrapping It Up

So, this is it! After going through the marketplaces defined above, you must have realized one thing that no matter which platform you are choosing, you need to be sure about the services it has to offer you. There are certain factors that can impact your choices such as support, pricing structure, and ease of use. However, while selecting one particular solution for displaying your templates and themes, it is advisable to thoroughly analyze the platform.

I am sure as a web designer, you always look for a place to market your designs so that you get more opportunities to generate revenue. If you know of any other effective marketplace that I may missed to mention here, please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below.


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