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India is one of the largest markets for gold, and growing affluence is driving growth in demand.

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Gold hasa central role in the country’s culture, considered a store of value, a symbol of wealth and status, and a fundamental part of many rituals. Among the country’s rural population, a deep affinity for gold goes hand in hand with practical considerations of the portability and security of jewellery as an investment.

Gold is considered to be auspicious, particularly in Hindu and Jain cultures. The ancient law-giver Manu decreed that gold ornaments should be worn for important ceremonies and occasions. Aside from Diwali, one of the most important dates in the Indian calendar, regional festivals across the country are celebrated with gold: in the south, Akshaya Tritiya, Pongal, Onam, and Ugadi; in the east, Durga Puja; in the west, Gudi Padva; in the north, Baisakhi and Karva Chauth.

Gold is central to more personal life events too. Gifting gold is a deeply ingrained part of marriage rituals in Indian society—weddings generate approximately 50% of the annual gold demand in India.

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Indian Jewellery designs and style change according to different regions. The Gems and Jewellery sector plays a significant role in the Indian economy. India is deemed to be the hub of the global Jewellery market because of its low costs and availability of high-skilled labor. India is the world’s largest cutting and polishing center for diamonds.

List of Top 20 gold jewellery brands in India 2022 - Mintly (2)

Below is the list of the Top 20 Gold and Diamond Jewellery Brands in India as per their sale rate, purity, and designs. Have a look at your next shopping adventure.

1. Tanishq, Diamonds & Gold Jewellery Store

Tanishq is a tribute to craftsmanship, wrought in gold, diamonds, and precious stones. An ode to the spirit behind the intricate jaali work, engraved marble and mosaic panels, exquisite calligraphy, and perfect symmetry of the beautiful Taj Mahal.

2. Nakshatra

Nakshatra could introduce the concept of affordable branded diamond studded jewelry in India. It offers jewelry in superstores, department stores, and other such retail outlets at MRP. It is loyal because of being able to offer the same quality, designs, and prices throughout India with a certification of authenticity from the same renowned diamond grading laboratory.

3. D’damas

List of Top 20 gold jewellery brands in India 2022 - Mintly (3)D’damas has in-house designers, who are always in tune with the latest trends and consumer demands, to give the consumer jewelry that they will instantly fall in love with. You are allowed to choose from over 2,000 designs that emanate elegance, style, and modernity. Thus by sheer choice, it caters to all needs, moods, emotions, and tastes of its consumers.

4. Nirvana Gold Jewellery

Nirvana Diamond Jewellery has crafted diamond jewelry that appeals to the aspirations of every modern Indian woman. Its product line includes rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, pendant sets, and necklaces, all set in 18K yellow and white gold.

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5. Gili

Gili took everyone by surprise with its unique, inimitable, and never seen products. Its marvelous designs featuring a blend of Indian and western nuances had made Gili a stupendous sensation. Gili’s magical jewelry had swooned buyers all across the nation. Thus, Gili has been able to capture the heart of every Indian woman.

6. Rivaaz

Rivaaz combines both affordability and quality assurance that typify Gitanjali. The range features an enormous choice of notably delicate, lightweight designs, in an impeccable finish, with a high “wearable” quotient, traditional yet chic, ethnic yet modern.

7. Parineeta Wedding and Bridal Jewelry

Parineeta is all about the wedding and bridal jewelry sets including necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and mang tika that can be used as pendants in gold, diamonds, and colored gemstone, offering a range of choices to suit every type of wedding occasion. Every piece is artistically designed with a range of intricate patterns that draw inspiration from the golden period of India’s cultural heritage and history.

8. Diya Jewellery

List of Top 20 gold jewellery brands in India 2022 - Mintly (4)Diya jewellery is one of the popular brands in the market manufacturing stylish jewelry pieces that enhance the look of the wearer to make her look impressive. The wide collection of the brand comprises a number of earrings, necklaces, anklets, rings, pendants, and many more. The design of the collections is elegant, unique, and stylish as well.

9. Sagaee

Sagaee is a collection of diamond engagement bands to celebrate the first step toward marital commitment. It successfully blends tradition with a modern feel even for an event as small yet important as engagement. Sagaee is for all young women who have their roots firmly in tradition yet are moving ahead with time.

10. Gdivas

Gdivas is a stunning and sparkling range of lightweight jewelry studded with diamonds, pearls, and colored stones. The sleek and contemporary jewelry, in a mix of fusion and western designs, is the perfect everyday wear for the young working woman.

List of Top 20 gold jewellery brands in India 2022 - Mintly (5)11. Kashvi

Kashvi Jewels uses certified gold to produce the entire batch of precisely replicated, elegant jewelry, in designs ranging from classic and traditional to contemporary hip, and from occasional wear to daily use. The latest Kashvi offerings in machine-made jewelry are ‘cut bangles’, smart, modern symbols of a world that is a global village, where communication is instant, and tastes change faster than the seasons.

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12. Envi

Envi Jewels is a fascinating collection of mesmerizing emerald jewelry that is truly every woman’s fantasy. Adorned with one of these classy and timeless emerald pieces, she can make a distinctive style statement of her very own. Envi brings together the strengths of Gitanjali, India’s largest jewelry and lifestyle brand, and Gemfields, the world’s foremost producer of ethically mined colored gemstones of the finest quality.

List of Top 20 gold jewellery brands in India 2022 - Mintly (6)13. Sia

There are many different varieties of jewelry, displayed through a systematic process in Sia. Customer-related schemes of gift vouchers, credit notes, privilege clubs, and festival collections are also undertaken at Sia. The Gems Club is the privilege club for frequent shoppers at Sia, who are rewarded each time with gift vouchers, special previews, and special discounts.

14. PCJ

PC Jewelers was founded in 2005 and have its headquarters in Delhi the state capital of India. The key person to establish and expanding PC Jewelers is Mr. Balram Garg. He is also the Managing Director of PC Jewelers. The company deals in manufacturing, exporting, and wholesale of gold and diamond jewelry in the country.

15. Sangini

Sangini Diamond Jewellery was originally introduced by the Diamond Trading Company (DTC). It is an expression of love and affection expressed by an admirer for his beloved and a sign that reinforces his commitment to her.

List of Top 20 gold jewellery brands in India 2022 - Mintly (7)16. Moira

A unique new range that brings together two of Nature’s precious creations – pearls and diamonds – in a single, unified set of delicate, modern designs are found in Moira. Crafted with care and precision, the spherical-shaped pearls are complemented with specially selected round diamonds. Moira combines the allure of lustrous freshwater pearls with the dazzle of natural diamonds for the woman who is destined to dazzle.

17. Karina

Karina is a delicate mix of precious rubies and exquisite diamonds placed intrinsically, to give fabulous a whole new meaning. Passionate, enchanting, and alluring, the collection is a pleasurable mix of these precious stones that make the jewelry contemporary and chic. The collection also includes enticing emerald and diamond jewelry.

18. Malabar Gold

List of Top 20 gold jewellery brands in India 2022 - Mintly (8)

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Malabar Gold and Diamonds is the flagship division of the Malabar Group of Companies and is one of the fastest-growing business conglomerates. Malabar Gold and Diamonds outlets display a wide variety of Gold, Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum ornaments, catering to the requirements of its multicultural and multi-national customers. The majority of ornaments at Malabar Gold and Diamonds outlets are in 22K and diamond ornaments are in 18K.

19. Joyalukkas

Joyalukkas Jewelers was founded in the year 1987 by an Indian businessman named Joy Alukkas. Joy Allukas is a well-celebrated brand not only in Kerala but in the entire Southern India. To this day Joy Alukkas has 160 jewelry showrooms not only confined to India but across 11 countries.

20. Kalyan Jewellers

Kalyan Jewellers is one of the most prominent names in the jewelry industry in India. The company was founded in 1993 by an Indian Businessman named T.S. Kalyanaraman. Kalyan Jewelers’ headquarter is in Thrissur, a beautiful city in Kerala.

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Which is the No 1 gold jewellery brand in India? ›

List Of Top Jewellery Brands In India
Serial No.Brand Name
2.Malabar Gold and Diamonds
6 more rows

Which brand of gold is the best? ›

Have a look at your next shopping adventure.
  • Tanishq, Diamonds & Gold Jewellery Store. Tanishq is a tribute to craftsmanship, wrought in gold, diamonds, and precious stones. ...
  • Nakshatra. ...
  • D'damas. ...
  • Nirvana Gold Jewellery. ...
  • Gili. ...
  • Rivaaz. ...
  • Parineeta Wedding and Bridal Jewelry. ...
  • Diya Jewellery.
Nov 21, 2022

Which jewellery is best for gold? ›

The most common mixtures of gold are 14K, 18K, and 22K, but 14K and 18K are the most ideal for jewelry.

Who is the No 1 jewellery designer in India? ›

1. Tanishq. Tanishq is India's first jewelry retail brand and is a division of Titan Company limited which is a part of Tata Group, and TIDCO (Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation) joint venture started in 1984. Tanishq, a jewelry brand, was founded in 1994, and its headquarters is in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Which company gold is pure in India? ›

Tanishq Digital Gold offers SafeGold which is 24 Karat Gold of 995 fineness (99.5% pure) or higher purity which are LBMA “good delivery” bars sourced by DGIPL from trusted sources.

Which gold is famous in India? ›

In India, there are three gold areas mainly. Here are - Kolar Goldfield in Kolar district of Karnataka, Hutt Goldfield in Raichur district of Karnataka and Ramagiri Goldfield in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh.

What brand of jewelry is most popular in India? ›

List of the Top 15 Jewellery Brands in India
  • Tanishq.
  • Malabar Gold & Diamonds.
  • PC Jewellers.
  • Bhima Jewellers.
  • Senco Gold Limited.
  • PC Chandra Jewellers.
  • Kalyan Jewellers.
  • Kisna.
6 days ago

Which gold is pure to buy? ›

24 carat is pure gold with no other metals. Lower caratages contain less gold; 18 carat gold contains 75 per cent gold and 25 per cent other metals, often copper or silver.

What is the best long lasting gold? ›

Of the four most common gold purity levels, 10K is the most durable, though it also has the lowest gold content. 14K is slightly purer while also highly durable, while 18K gold is the purest form of gold that's typically used for engagement rings and other jewelry.

Why Tanishq gold is costly? ›

The business model of Tanishq is predominantly around 'making charge' levied over cost of gold. It varies from 8.5% (on coins) to as high as 35% of the value of gold (on ornaments like necklace or bangles).

Which Hallmark gold is approved in India? ›

The BIS Hallmark is a hallmarking system for gold as well as silver jewellery sold in India certifying the purity of the metal. It certifies that the piece of jewellery conforms to a set of standards laid by the Bureau of Indian Standards, the national standards organization of India.

Who is the biggest gold dealer in India? ›

RiddiSiddhi Bullions Limited (RSBL) is one of India's leading institutions specialising in bullion, bars and coins of different cherished metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum.

Which is the finest gold in India? ›

916 gold is a 22-carat gold where the numeric digits '916' resembles the purity of gold in the final product. In simpler terms, a 916 gold is nothing but 91.6 grams of pure gold in 100 grams of alloy.


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